Speech Therapy in Bergen County, NJ



Jana Thorson provides Speech and Language Therapy for individuals experiencing a delay or a disorder in their language. Additionally she provides Coaching to individuals and small groups for improved Public Speaking skills. Jana holds a Masterís Degree in Speech Pathology and the American Speech Language and Hearing Associationís Certificate of Clinical Competence. She is state licensed.
Janaís background in providing Speech and Language services as well as Coaching in Public Speaking is extremely varied. Providing therapy for the infant to geriatric population she has seen consistent positive results in all areas of communication enhancement. Jana has worked in the public school setting as a Special Education teacher, a pioneer in the area of Early Intervention, in addition to serving as a Speech/Language Pathologist. Combining her skills in the field of Special Education and reading with her knowledge of linguistic and phonological development has benefited the many children she has had the pleasure of working with over the years. Her extensive experience in the medical field has included working  with both inpatients and outpatients in helping to facilitate both feeding and language skills of aphasic and TBI individuals. 
 To contact her, call 201-848-0879.